Cast of DTLT Today

Alan Levine

Alan Levine is the former Vice President of Community and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the New Media Consortium, where he led efforts to research and integrate those cool new 2.0, 3.0,... technologies. Before this, he spent 14 years evangelizing technology for the Maricopa Community Colleges, where he hoisted the first web server in the system way back in 1993. He is currently happily unemployed travelling across North America documenting his odyssey along the way on his blog. He can be found on Twitter @cogdog.

Zach Dowell

Photo courtesy of DrGarcia

Instructional Design and Development Coordinator at Folsom Lake College and a regular contributor to ds106radio, tv, and life.

GNA Garcia

GNA Garcia is a Gypsy Rogue Scholar currently based in Hartford, Connecticut. She blogs semi-regularly at but can always be found lighting up the Twitter stream at @DrGarcia.

Giulia Forsythe

Giulia Forsythe's work with online media integration and instructional design spans across the institution, specializing in programs in Adult Education, Community Outreach and Continuing Education for Teachers. Exciting new work in these areas focuses on the removal of barriers to continuing learning experiences for multi-generational and geographically disadvantaged learners. Much of Giulia’s research work has been used to formulate best practices and policies at Brock University. She can be found blogging at